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Arcs: Flash Version (1289)
Use your brain power to solve 20 circular puzzles by rotating circles and sliding arcs!
Panda Pizza (1289)
Pizza for Pandas!
Cubik Rubik (1288)
Return the Rubik Cube to its original position - the same colour tile on each face
Fill Up The Boy (1288)
Spray water into the boy's mouth to fill him up.
Pokeball Blitz (1288)
Tetris and Bust-a-Move combination game, drop the colored balls into their proper block.
The Magic Number (1288)
The Magic Number is a puzzle game that truly puts your memory to the test. The average person is said to be able to remember about 7 numbers in their short term memory, how many numbers do you think you can remember? This game will help you not only find out the limits of your short term memory but also help you improve them. Compete for high scores in either Standard or Hardcore mode against the world!
Jigsaw: Ladybug (1288)
There are nearly 5,000 different kinds of ladybugs worldwide and 400 which live in North America.
Flower Quest (1288)
Enter a land of magic and wonder, where a young sorceress-in-training uses her green thumb, rather than a magic wand, to solve puzzles. To win, simply rotate the branches and roots of budding flowers to connect the plants one to another. Doing so removes the tiles on which they rest and allows you to progress to the next level. As you race against the clock, you will receive help in the form of blossoms that blow up nearby tiles. Just watch out for the Predator Flowers, which restore tiles you've already cleared. Do well, and your teacher will reward you with bonus rounds in which you cl...
Hannah Montana Trivia (1288)
Hannah Montana Trivia will challenge your knowledge about Hannah Montana, who she really is and beyond!
Maze (1288)
Make your way through these flowing mazes using your mouse!
Jigsaw: Indian Fruit Shop (1288)
You should eat atleast 5 a day (fruits, not fruit shops)
Iso Infected (1287)
Guide the ball around the levels. Pretty addictive.
All Out (1287)
Turn all the lights on the board out using the least amount of moves and time as possible
Mahjong Dynasty (1287)
Classic Mahjong Game
Sworbs (1287)
Sworbs is a match 3 type game that combines strategy and luck.
Matcheroo: Delta (1287)
A physics-based match-3 game created with the free online game creation tool at Click the ?Edit? button at the bottom to make your own levels (and games!). This is a sequel to Matcheroo.
halloweenpuzzle_dk (1287)
An addictive puzzle game in which you can able to earn points by matching 3 or more of the same pictures in a row.
ADDiction (1287)
Clear tiles by making sums. Math-tastic!
Christmas guru (1287)
Who'll be the ultimate christmas guru?
The Cell (1287)
Can you escape 'TheCell'? Navigate the room and pick up items in order to find the next clue and ultimately escape a room with no doors!

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Top 10 Games

Video Game Sim (40109)
Roam the city earn points and win.
Captain Skyro (38972)
Captain Skyro: Cloud Climber follows our daring pirate captain as he sling-shots his way up the clouds.
Dartmaster9in1 (25527)
Cool DARTS game for 1 or 2 players, 9 different games, 3 difficulties and 27 leaderboards!
McDonald's Video Game (16548)
Very fun and addicting sim game, grow corn, raise cattle, and more!
The Simpliest Snowboarding (14191)
The simpliest but cool snowboarding flash-game
Keyboard Kaos (13658)
Train up your number pad skills with this simple game. Press the numpad number that corresponds to each target that pops up.
Burger Time (10753)
Pick up the ingredients to make your burger.
10 Gnomes 12 (10644)
You have 10 minutes to find 10 gnomes hidden in the pictures. Find clickable areas to navigate through the location.
Snowboarding Santa (10488)
Snowboarding game with a different - guide Santa through the forest
Easter Egg Catch (10026)
Simple game with a holiday theme, perfect for some quick fun.

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